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Bylaws  Link to the VYF bylaws

All meetings are open to all who want to attend and help.  The Feb meetings are for Board members only.

To be eligible to vote you need to have attended 2 of the past 4 meetings.


  1. Set the registration fees for this year?
  2. Coaching applications update.  Goal is all apps in by end of Jan.
  3. Set dates for Head Coach Interviews – use the Feb meeting as one then schedule another night. 
  4. What are we going to do for marketing?
  5. When and where are we going to have school sign ups?
  6. What equipment do we need for Cheerleading and Football?  Budgets should be proposed at the March meeting.
  7. Fundraising Suggestions?
  8. Buyout Amount?
  9. Review of ages/weights change proposals from CTYFL, needs to be voted on at the Feb CTYFL meeting

Head Coach Interviews for football and cheerleading  

(2 nights, approx 20 min per interview)

  1. Propose and vote on football and cheer budgets
  2. Vote on fundraiser
  3. Review Banquet from last year and Plan for this year.  Book Hall asap and post to website
  4. Review uniform handout dates and post to website calendar
  5. Review players that have not signed upped from last year with head coaches.
  1. Bylaw review and proposed changes
  2. Review equipment insurance policy
  3. Dues should have been set by CTYFL in April, so a check needs to go to the rep for the May CTYFL meeting.  Team declarations are due to CTYFL at May meeting also, so any expansion teams need to be decided by then.
  1. Vote on vyf bylaw proposals
  1. Review upcoming season and expectations
  2. Volunteers set for uniform handout nights
  3. Review of the proposed CTYFL bylaw changes, voting at the July CTYFL meeting


at the field

Meeting to be held on a night after uniform handouts.


at the field

  1. Coaches need to return any CTYFL travel trophies, to be brought to the Aug CTYFL meeting


at the field



at the field

  1. Board Nominations
  2. Returning board members?
  1. Vote on board members
  2. Final Reports for all board members
  3. Banquet update and staffing
Dec  No Meeting