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Vernon Youth Football supplies most of the uniform for both football and cheerleading.  These uniforms must be returned at the end of the season on the Tues night following the last game from 6-7:30.

Uniform handout is between the 2nd and 3rd week of July for both football and cheerleading.  All uniforms issued must be returned at the end of the season.

Football Items not supplied by VYF:

1. Cleats - must be a rubber or plastic cleat and cannot be detachable.  No metal spikes are allowed
2. Athletic Cup - must be worn at all time during practice and games.
3. Extra pads such as arm or hand pads
4. Gloves
5. We supply 1 mouth guard, replacements can be purchased at the snack shack.

Cheerleading Items not supplied by VYF:

1. Bloomers or Boy Cut Briefs in Royal Blue  (approx $6-$10)  can also be purchase at a dance store

2. Sneakers (required for competition and must be the same as the rest of the team -can not be worn outside) Required white athletic Chasse Flip IV approx $30

3. Warm-ups - approx $50. and can be purchased online at OmniCheer ( jacket- royal blue with silver / pants -royal blue)

4. Body Suit  (approx $15.00- $20.00) White (full body w/clips or half body) can also be purchase at a dance store

5. Socks   All white no-show socks (price varies)

Cheer Competition tickets will cost between $8-$10 per person - The competition is in Oct.

Uniform Return Policy -

Cleaning - All uniforms must be returned in a clean condition.  Any uniform not returned in a clean condition will be subject to a $15. cleaning fee.
Return Date:  The return date for all football and cheerleading uniforms is the Tues following the last game for that team from 6-7:30 at the snack shack at Legion Field.
Non Returned uniforms - If you do not return the uniforms on the specified date, then you are subject to a $500.00 fee for football, and a $300.00 fee for cheerleading, as you agreed to in the contract you signed.  We may also report the uniforms as stolen to the Vernon Police Dept.

Uniform contract