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  1. Season will begin August 15th with 1st game to be on Sunday September 20th.

  2. During the month of August there is to be 50 yards between each team with no more than 3 days a week of practice per team.

  3. During game day the only adults allowed on the field are the coaches for that team, athletic trainer/emt, media and 2 team moms (team moms must be listed on team roster).  Face coverings must be worn.

  4. A and B cheer teams can go no higher than an extension when on the field during half time. 

  5. There must be a coach on the field to spot the A or B team if they choose to do an extension.

  6. No basket tosses or 1 legged stunts allowed for any team.

  7. C and D team cannot go higher than a prep.

  8. No cross coaching.

  9. No cross-team practices/scrimmages.

  10. No Scrimmages with another town.

  11. 24-hour mandatory disclosure if any household member, coach or player is diagnosed with Covid-19. Disclosure must be to town President.  Once games start the President will need to inform the CTYFL E Board.

  12. If coach or player has a fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19 must refrain from going to practice/game and get tested before return.  Disclosure mandatory to town President.

  13. Follow CDC guidelines regarding quarantine should player, coach, or household member of such be diagnosed.

  14. Parents are to wait in parking lot during practice times. If parent has to be on sidelines to view practice, limit to one on the field and to designated spectator area.  Maintaining social distancing.

  15. Coaches wear face covering.

  16. Football and cheer equipment to be sanitized immediately after each practice.

  17. No loitering after practices and games. - players and coaches to vacate the field immediately after practice and games.

  18. Teams broken down into smaller groups during practice times.

  19. Close the bleachers during practice and game time.

  20. Spectators required to maintain social distancing with their own chairs or standing area.

  21. No sharing of water bottles, no team shared water bottles.  Each player required to bring their own water.